The Cookery School:

"What started as a small idea several years ago is now a key part of good things. teaching and learning is Integral, not only to the cookery school, but the restaurant too"

In the cookery school we love to teach what we know - good food. The cookery school is well established at this stage and we have courses of all different sizes, lengths for all different kinds of food and if we don't have a ready made course that suits your liking we can specifically design one for you. 

Just to say thank you for the fun in real sense of food at your fish course! Great company and wonderful ideas – inspiring!
— Giana Ferguson

Our courses for 2018 are as follows:

For more information on each class click on the name below. 



5 1/2 Day Kitchen Miracle Programme   

    - MAY 6th to 11th

    - NOVEMBER 11th to 16th

Whole-Food,Plant Based (Vegan) Class

    - JANUARY 13th

    - MAY 12th

The All New Whole-Food, Plant Based (Vegan)class

    - NOVEMBER 10th

Vegetarian Class

    - MARCH 10th

    - APRIL 21st

    - NOVEMBER 17th

4 Nights of Good Things

    - MARCH 1st , 8th , 15th , 22nd

2 Days Kitchen Miracle Programme

    - FEBRUARY 17th & 18th

    - MAY 19th & 20th

    - NOVEMBER 24th & 25th

Baking Class

    - APRIL 28th

Cooking For 1

    - FEBRUARY 10th


To book a place on any of the courses : 

Email us at or

Call us on 028 51948

I must say that the time I spent with you was the highlight of my trip! I have made many of the recipes back home, and I have got everybody eating seaweed.
— Adam