Christmas Cookery Class:

A One-Day Demonstration Course Designed To Teach You A Christmas Repertoire. Includes Morning Coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Tea.

No more than sixteen people per course.

Cost: €140

Times: Arrival 10am for an interesting breakfast (ideal for Christmas morning); finish 5.30 (ish)

Details: A one-day demonstration course designed to teach you a Christmas repertoire. I am basically going to share with you how I do Christmas! 

I had not done a Christmas cookery class for a while, as I had grown tired of Christmas cooking! Over the last couple of years, however, I have adopted a fresh approach to it and Christmas cooking has since become easier and more interesting and enjoyable. As with our class last year, which was a great success, I have decided to run it in November so you have plenty of time to get organised and realise just how simple it can be. I will brine and cook a turkey, cure a leg of pork in cider and sugar and make a pudding. I will also do lots of simple and interesting dishes which, given little advanced preparation, will take just a minute to put together on the big day. I will use quince and pomegranates, stuff turkey legs and do a quick duck dish which you can cook the day before and pop in the oven to reheat. I will also show you how to cater for a large party without much effort, while still impressing. Most importantly, I will show you how to use up your leftovers by turning them into an interesting meal – so interesting that no one will even mention the word “leftovers”!