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Cooking for One

One Day Demonstration including morning coffee, lunch with a glass of wine and afternoon tea,

No more than sixteen people per course, 

Cost: €160,

Arrive 10.00am for 10:30am, Finish 5:30pm (ish). 

This is the class that will provide you with a great repertoire for cooking efficient dishes for one. 

I have wanted to do this class now for sometime, and here it is! Often, when I am cooking for my family, I discover some great dishes that work perfectly for one and so I have compiled a very impressive list full of things ideal for the busy person. This class is also ideal for students, as they will learn how to plan and avoid wasting food. Most importantly, perhaps, you will also learn how to save dinner from going to waste if your evening plans change. Cooking for one is always a challenge and it is easy to de- velop a habit of repeating dishes in the week which leads to cooking and eating becoming unexciting.

In just one day, I will cook two weeks of dishes for you. There will be a balance of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and as with all of my classes, there is a priority placed on not wasting food or money!