The Practical Man Class

An intensive one day hands-on cookery course with plenty of personal tuition,

No more than 8 people per course,

Cost: €200.

Times: Arrival 9.30 for a man breakfast, finish 5:30 pm (ish)

This is the class that allows you to break into the kitchen! You are guaranteed to return home with a stack of recipes and some swager. 

You are male. For reasons beyond your control, you have never been allowed to express your inner Gordon Ramsay and have been barred from doing anything in the kitchen more complicated than preparing a hot beverage, or doing the washing up. You know that you have it in you to be a culinary wizard and all you need is someone with the necessary expertise to give you a quick lesson. Once you have had this quick lesson, you look forward to donning one of those silly chef ’s hats and impressing loved ones and enemies alike with a few, well chosen dishes. And that’s the real beauty of the Men Only course. We are choosing dishes that any- one with a mind (even half a mind) can master in a day. What’s more, we aren’t going to make you sit still and listen to some long lecture – this is a practical course. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and learning on the job. We will start with a good man breakfast, and as it will be October, it could be roasted prawns and a dish of baked eggs with Gubbeen bacon and blackened tomatoes.

You will cook many dishes during the day and leave in the evening with dinner to impress, along with an amazing loaf of bread for Sunday’s breakfast.