Our Menus:

* Please note - these are sample menus and are subject to change


(Tues - Sat 12-3)                                    

Feel Good Soup (GF, Vg)                                                                     €6.50

Root Vegetables, Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin, Soda Scone    


Mezze Plate (GF available, Vg):                                                             €8.50

Caponata, Beetroot, White Bean and Rosemary Puree, 

Hummus, Flat Bread


Fingal’s Plate (GF option available):                                                      €10.00

A selection of Fingal’s Creations from the Gubbeen smokehouse


Munster Cheese Plate (GF Option Available, V):                                             €10.00

apple, Red Wine Poached Pear, Seasonal Chutney, Oatcakes


Seasonal Tart (V)                                                                    €8.00/€15.00

Salad leaves, Soda Scone


West Cork Fish Soup (GF)                                                            €10.00/€17.00 Aioli, Garlic Croutons, Coolea Cheese


Crab Tart                                                                            €10.00/19.00

Salad Leaves, Soda Scone              


Good Things Seasonal Salad of mixed cherry tomatoes,                                  €9.00/16.00       Kohlrabi, Cucumber, Quinoa, Sprouted Seeds and Beans served with

a Kale and Herb Dressing  


Hake(Gf):                                                                                  €19.00

Hake Steamed on a Bed of Sushi Rice And Herbs served 

with a Sesame Ginger and Cucumber Dressing



Dinner Menu (Thurs - Sat 6-9):


Pickled Squash with Toonsbridge Mozzarella served with Capezzana                           €10.50

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salad leaves                    


Lentil Salad, Roasted Red Peppers and Feta Cheese with a Spiced Lemon Dressing              €8.50


Smoked Mackerel with Pickled Gooseberries and Red Cabbage, Toasted                          €9.00 Hazelnuts and a Horseradish Dressing


West Cork Fish Soup served with Aioli, Garlic Croutons and Coolea                          €10.00  Cheese (GF)



West Cork Fish Soup (GF) served with Aioli, garlic croutons and coolea                     €17.00



Roast Brined Chicken FOR TWO Stuffed with a Pumpkin Seed                                   €25.00

and Herb dressing served on a bed of onions                                                 each                    


Pan fried hake Served with a Sea and Root vegetable Salad With a sweet                     €26.00

miso dressing, Seabeet and a Caper and Seaweed Butter


Good Things Monkfish - Monkfish Roasted with Fennel, Cherry Tomatoes,                      €28.00

Confit of  Garlic, Preserved Lemons, Nori, Turmeric and Kale


Growers’ Plate- Best Ever Aubergine Dish - Aubergine with a Spiced Tomato and            €25.00

Chickpea Sauce, Yoghurt & Cumin Dressing & Tamarind Chutney        


Beef Bourguignon                                                                           €26.00




St Emiliion au Chocolat - An Intense Chocolate Mousse stuffed with a Brandy                 €8.00

Soaked Macaroon

           We recommend a glass of After 3 (€4.50)


Brown Sugar Meringues served with a Fruit Compote and Cream                                 €8.50

          We recommend a glass of Moscato (€5.00)


Gooseberry and Coffee Compote with a Pistachio Cream                                        €8.50


Munster Cheese Plate served with Apple, Red Wine Poached Pear,                             €12.00

Seasonal Chutney, and Oatcakes.



We make a priority of sourcing ingredients locally and using organic produce.

Gf - Gluten Free   Vg: Vegan and Vegetarian    V: Vegetarian Only


A list of all our Allergens is available upon request. Please note that there is a risk of cross contamination as all foods are prepared in the same environment.


Menus are subject to change frequently and without notice depending on availability, seasons, obsessions and whims.