Our Menus:

* Please note - these are sample menus and are subject to change


(Tues - Sat 12-3)                                    

Feel Good Soup (GF, Vg)                                                                     €6.50

Root Vegetables, Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin, Soda Scone    


Mezze Plate (GF available, Vg):                                                             €8.50

Caponata, Beetroot, White Bean and Rosemary Puree, 

Hummus, Flat Bread with Himalayan Rock Salt and Olive Oil


Fingal’s Plate (GF option available):                                                      €10.00

A selection of Fingal’s Creations from the Gubbeen smokehouse


Munster Cheese Plate (GF Option Available, V):                                             €10.00

apple, Date and Apple Chutney, Oatcakes


Seasonal Tart (V)                                                                    €8.00/€15.00

Salad leaves, Soda Scone


West Cork Fish Soup (GF)                                                            €10.00/€17.00 Aioli, Garlic Croutons, Coolea Cheese


Crab Tart                                                                            €10.00/19.00

Salad Leaves, Soda Scone              


Good Things Seasonal Salad of Warm Puy Lentils, Feta Cheese with a Spiced Lemon Dressing  



Good Things Baked Beans with Breadcrumbs and Cheese Topping, apple, celeriac and kale salad, with a wholegrain dressing, served with Sauerkraut                                                                                                                                             €14.50




Dinner Menu (Fri - Sat 6-9):


Mezze Plate (GF Available, Vg):                                                             €8.50

Caponata, Beetroot, White Bean and Rosemary Puree, Hummus, Flat Bread with Himalayan Rock Salt and Olive Oil


Salad of Lemon Marinated Kale, Spiced Salted Maple Pecans, Herb and Garlic Cashew Cheese, Lemon and Honey Dressing and Gorse Flowers (V) (GF)                                               €8.50


Smoked Mackerel with Pickled Gooseberries and Red Cabbage, Toasted                          €9.00 Hazelnuts and a Horseradish Dressing


West Cork Fish Soup served with Aioli, Garlic Croutons and Coolea                          €10.00  Cheese (GF)

Asparagus with Irish Apple Balsamic Vinegar Dressing and Coolea Cheese                     €10.50



West Cork Fish Soup (GF) served with Aioli, garlic croutons and Coolea                     €17.00



Roast Brined Chicken FOR TWO Stuffed on a bed of onions,

served with buttered Tarragon Spring Greens                                         €25.00 each


Growers’ Plate - Creamy Filo Pie of Sea Beet and Feta. Spiced Salad of Carrot            €25.00

and Beetroot. Cold pressed Celery & Apple Juice


Scallops Grilled with a Coriander, Pumpkin Seed, Chilli and Garlic Dressing,               €30.00

Served with Kombu Mash    


Beef Bourguignon with Iago's Pasta Tagliatelle                                             €26.00




St Emiliion au Chocolat - An Intense Chocolate Mousse stuffed with a Brandy                 €8.00

Soaked Macaroon

           We recommend a glass of After 3 (€4.50)


Brown Sugar Meringues served with a Fruit Compote and Cream                                 €8.50

          We recommend a glass of Moscato (€5.00)


Gooseberry and Coffee Compote with a Pistachio Cream                                        €8.50


Munster Cheese Plate served with Apple, Red Wine Poached Pear,                             €12.00

Seasonal Chutney, and Oatcakes.



We make a priority of sourcing ingredients locally and using organic produce.

Gf - Gluten Free   Vg: Vegan and Vegetarian    V: Vegetarian Only


A list of all our Allergens is available upon request. Please note that there is a risk of cross contamination as all foods are prepared in the same environment.


Menus are subject to change frequently and without notice depending on availability, seasons, obsessions and whims.